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Adding tabs to your posts can be extremely useful in case you want to make a longer post with a lot of images, videos etc. and you want to make navigation easier for the visitors. It not only help to divide your content, but your site looks more professional, as well.

Unfortunately, there are only a few WordPress tabs plugins, and I have to say many of them are quite out of date. Here, I collected the ones that worth to check and use.

WordPress Post Tabs

This is a free tabs plugin that is remarkably easy to use, and if you tweak it right you can have fantastic looking tabs on your pages. The only disadvantage of it is that you should use short codes, but it is quite easy learn.


Wordpress Tabs Plugin


  • You can choose from different styles, the looks of your post tabs. In fact you can easily create your own style, or download some pre-designed styles from the plugin page.
  • You can choose to reload or not to reload the page (AJAX like) every time the tab is clicked by the reader.
  • If you disable the loading of the plugin on posts and pages, this plugin will not load any extra script on your other pages where you do not select to use the tabs. You would get a checkbox on each post and page, to enable the plugin on that particular page. So, for other posts and pages, there is no extra script load in the footer, and your pages remain optimized.
  • The tabs are unobtrusive and will make your posts and pages very well organized and readable for the readers.
  • Option to put Next-Previous buttons (links) in the tabs that can be clicked to go to next or previous tab
  • Unlimited number of tab sets can be added to the post/page
  • Option to show the tabs in the posts on Index, home and category archive pages. By default this is disabled
  • Option to Enable or disable the tab cookies

Plugin Information and FAQs | Demo | Get Support | WordPress Post Tabs on WordPress


WP UI – Tabs, Accordions, Sliders

This plugin is definitely one of the best one for creating tabs as well as sliders . i camoes with many built in features and styles, on top of that it is easy to use since you can use the editor.

Download on WordPress.org | Visit the Official Website

Here is a short tutorial how to use this plugin

Quick Tab

This is another WordPress tabs plugin that is compatible with any themes. You should also use short code to display the tabs.


  • Manageable tabs
  • Shortcode support inside tab content
  • Manageable tab groups
  • Same tab usable with multiple tab groups
  • Easy option for addiing/editing tab in tab group
  • Tiny-mce button for inserting tabs inside post/page content
  • Nice looking jquery tab style.
  • Compatible with any wp theme.
  • Coming more on next update

More info and Download on WordPress


Do You know another WordPress tabs plugin that must be here? Please, share with us!

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One thought on “WordPress Tabs Plugins

  1. Mancete says:

    I think adding tabs to posts are not only look good, but also make page navigation much easier for the visitors. I haven’t added any to my pages yet, but I will.

    Thank you for collecting these WP tabs plugins.

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