Top WordPress Real Estate Plugins

A collection of real estate themes have been already mentioned that allows you to build property sites, and here I would like to show you some plugins that allows you to do the same by using your own themes. I suggest these plugins for those who already have site and want to add an extra function to it easily, but they can be used to build a complete new one, too.

These WordPress real estate themes can be downloaded for free from



This is the first one that has to be mentioned as it is a complete WordPress solution to for real estate and property management. It comes with many great features and makes the customization really easy. It comes with a lot of shortcodes that make customization even more easy. You can download a free version that comes with quite a lot of options, but you can purchase many extras as well.

Here is a video demonstrating how this real estate plugin works.


Great Real Estate Plugin

This is another WordPress real estate plugin that does not come with so many functions and to run it properly you should utilize other WordPress plugins. The property info as well as listing templates allow for consistent display of the property listings across the site. The great advantage of this plugin is that authors do not have to format the posts they submit as they can use a form for submission.


FireStorm Real Estate

This is another featured rich and free WordPress plugin for agents.The free version comes with enough functionality, but if you need even more, you can choose from many premium plugin extensions.



  • Easy to Use Interface
  • WordPress WYSIWYG Support
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Automatic Google Maps
  • Automatic Google Long, Lat Generation
  • Search By Map
  • Custom Contact & Property Fields
  • Sellers Contact Details & Contact Form
  • Listing Slideshow Support
  • Lightbox Support
  • Custom Listing Labels
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Locations Management
  • Custom Filters and Short Codes
  • Ability to Add Filters on Posts & Pages


WP Real Estate Plugin

There are other real estate plugins on, but I haven’t listed them here as they offer only a few features or they have not been updated for a few years.

If you think there is another plugins that must be mentioned here please share with us.

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2 thoughts on “Top WordPress Real Estate Plugins

  1. Monique says:

    What do you think, which is better to use for building a website real estate plugins or themes?

    • If you have a site with content, it is better to use a plugin, as it will be easier to integrate to your existing website. If you want to build a real estate website, I think it is better to use a theme.

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