Tools for Simple WordPress Paypal Integration

There is no question that monetizing your website with Paypal is one of the best way considering that this payment service has an enormous number of members now. For ecommerce sites, using Paypal is a must have nowadays, but using it for selling one or a few products on your website, it is also the best solution. Moreover, WordPress Paypal integration is extremely easy since there are specially built plugins for this purpose.

Here, I have collected some plugins which allow you to add Paypal payment possibility to your WordPress site fast and easy.

PayPal Donations

These days asking for a small amount of donation is a really popular way for monetization. This WP plugin offers to ways to add donation button to your WordPress site: by using a widget or a short code. As it supports shortcodes you can easily add the button anywhere on your site. In addition, it is exceptionally easy to use, you only need to add your Paypal ID and choose the button style your want to use. It also offers many options for tweaking such as currency settings, localizations etc. You can download it here for free.


Paypal Donation WordPress Plugin

Easy to use dashboard for settings.



Easy Paypal

This WordPress Paypal plugin has been developed for those who want to sell digital products online without the need of complicated ecommerce solution. It can be used to sell one or more downloadable products. After setting up, the whole system is automatic. Your customers pay, and they will get the automatic download link. In my point of view for selling digital products, this is the best solution. It comes with a free version with fewer features and a pro version with tons of options. Here you can get more info.

Easy Paypal Plugin

Products displayed by the plugin


WordPress Ultra Simple Paypal Shopping Cart

This tool allows you to integrate the well-known “Add to Cart” button to your web pages easily. It also comes with a widget and offers features for using shortcodes, as well. By using this plugin, you will be able to set up a complete web store easily.


  • shortcode : Create “add to cart” button with options if needed (price, shipping, options variations). The cart’s shortcode can be displayed on posts or pages.
  • theme’s function : Use function to add dynamic “add to cart” button directly in your theme with dynamic datas.
  • configurations : Usefull strings can be customized to give a specific word for your business.
  • sandbox : You can use Paypal sandbox to test your integrations before go live.
  • and many more…

More details here


WordPress Easy Paypal Payment or Donation Accept Plugin

The last plugin for WordPress Paypal integration I would like to show you is an all in one solution, as it supports both donations and accepting payments for products or services. This is may be the most user friendly solution, as users do not need to be logged in and one click purchase is possible, as well. It supports different currencies and extremely easy to use it. Watch the video below how it works or you can download here.


How to add PayPal to your WordPress Blog or Website



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2 thoughts on “Tools for Simple WordPress Paypal Integration

  1. Sylvia says:

    I’m starter WordPress user. I want to sell my ebook on my site which plugin do you suggest to use for a novice user?

    • I think, Ultra Simple shopping cart is the easiest to use.

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