Best 3 WordPress Mobile Plugins for WordPress

Since mobile technology is getting more and more important and popular, it is a must to use some sort of WordPress mobile site plugin which make your website compatible with mobile devices. If you  do not do it, we can loose quite a lot of visitors and potential costumers. Fortunately, there are many ways you can optimize your WordPress site for mobile devices. You can use themes which are coded to work with any kind of devices. There are mobile plugins, which help to transform your website, and there are other services, which you can use.

If you want to create a website, I recommend picking a theme which is already optimized for mobile devices, this way you will not need to use any other plugins. If you have an excising blog, the solution is to use a plugin. Here, I have collected 3 powerful tools you can use to make WordPress mobile friendly fast and easy.


This is a package that contains and theme and plugin. This is undoubtedly one of the mostly used WordPress mobile site plugin as it is extremely easy to use plus it is compatible with a large number of devices. It is fully automated, so it is a perfect solution for novice users, as well. It comes with a complete admin dashboard to tweak everything comfortably. It has a free version with fewer features and pro one which provides more settings. I suggest trying this first.


WordPress Mobile Pack

This is a fantastic toolkit which comes with all the goodies you will need to mobilize your WordPress website. It comes with themes, widgets, a complete admin dashboard and mobile switches function. The themes can be modified easily, and the ad widget is a fantastic way for monetization.

Best Features

  • A mobile switcher – This functions suggests desktop or mobile presentation.
  • It comes with advanced themes for Nokia phones.
  • Device adaptation that rascals of images, splits posts into multiple pages and many more.
  • Mobile analytics.
  • A barcode widget which adds a barcode to your desktop site.



Mobile Site Plugin for WordPress

Easy to use admin dashboard

WP Mobile Detector

This plugin detects what sort of mobile device the visitor is using, and it loads the most appropriate mobile WordPress theme for the best display. This way mobile and smart phone users can get the best experience. It is compatible with more than 5000 cell phones. It also comes with a pro and free version. The pro version is a powerful solution for those who want to build custom mobile themes.


  • Advanced mobile statistics with detailed info.
  • Automatically formats content and resizes images.
  • Includes seven mobile themes pre-installed.



Statistics for WP Mobile Detector

If you check out the official plugin directory you can find more tools, but I have not mentioned them here as most of them are out of date or not compatible with the latest version of WordPress. If you know another WordPress mobile site plugin which is worth to be here, please comment.


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