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Using a WordPress directory theme to make a simple link or business directory is a really good solution considering that these sort of themes – beside the necessary functions – come with many options for monetization, optimizations etc. If you use WordPress you can add many extra functions to your website easily by using plugins.

Building a link or business directory can be successful online business in case you pick a good niche. I think, instead of building a big, general directory it is better to set up a niche one as it will be easier to rank, will offer more relevant information for the visitors and therefore you willĀ  have better chance that your directory will be an authority website within the niche.

It is not hard to find a directory script, and there are not so many really good WordPress directory themes, but here I collected the best ones that have been on the market for many years now and offer the most and best features. Here you can find themes to build a typical link directory and WP themes that allows you to build a local business directory.

WordPress Directory Theme List


This is one of the oldest, but always updated theme that allows us to build a link directory. Beside the necessary functions it offers many features for monetization, customization and for SEO. Moreover, it comes with an easy to use admin dashboard which allows to manage everything comfortably at one place. I like it because I can set up different paid or free packages.


Wordpress Directory Theme - DirectoryPress

Most Important Features

  • Tools for importing listing easily (CSV, Domz).
  • Customizable manual submission form.
  • Easy customization and translation.
  • Full email management.
  • Perfect members dashboard.
  • Support +20 payment getaways.



Another WordPress directory theme made by Elgantthemes. It comes with a clean layout which can be customized in many ways, but it offers less features than the previous theme, though it supports payments via Paypal. One of the best features of it is the custom form builder and the dashboard for customization.


eList Theme


This is not a a typical directory WordPress theme, but can be easily modified it for this purpose. This is a powerful solution from WooThemes which allow to set up any sort for listing website, therefore it can be used for link or business directory, but you can easily a build a classifieds website with it as well. It comes with the powerful framework of Woothemes which allows many options for easy customization and management.


GeoTheme – Best Business Directory Theme

In my point of view this is the most powerful WordPress business directory theme nowadays. It offers tons of features to build profitable local business directories, that offers great information for visitors and good possibilities for business owners. Why I like it is the lots of features it offers for customization and monetization. I think it is the best way to build a Yelp like website.



The other WordPress business directory theme that should be mentioned here is Vantage made by Appthemes. This theme offers less features than the previous one, but I think it is much easier to use. It offers all the features you will need to build a business listing website. In case you do not need options for customization and need an out of the box solution, take this theme.


Wordpress Business Directory Theme


I have just found this business listing theme which is made by Inthemes. What I like this theme? It has clean design and the layout is well-structured. The listing page covers everything that is necessary to know about the business. The management is also simply and the business listing can be made easily, as well. Overall, it is another great solution to make a business review directory website.


Business Listing Theme

What I like about all the themes above is that they offer many possibilities to build a profitable website. Moreover, they are made by the mostly trusted developers and come with full support. If you want to build a money making website you just need to choose a good niche and pick a WordPress directory theme above.

Do you know other WordPress directory theme or plugin that should be mentioned here? Please, share with us!


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3 thoughts on “Top 5 WordPress Directory Theme

  1. Apcee says:

    That is the post I have been looking for. I want to build a local business directory website. I will use Vantage or GEO theme. Which one do you suggest?

  2. Szibu says:

    I also want to make a business directory, but I don’t know if a business directory WP theme is good for this purpose. I want to use phpLD as it also supports Google Maps now.

    • I think, a WordPress theme is far better than that. That is basically a link directory script. If you use a theme you will be able to use far more functions and create better posts.

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