Why Choose WordPress to Build Website

WordPress is definitely the most popular content management system (CMS) and the usage of it is growing all the time. There are many reasons why. For example, there are tons of free and premium themes, even built for niches with different features that are specially integrated in order to offer more for the website owners as well as for the visitors. Another thing that makes WordPress so popular is that, beside the tons of features it offers, it is really easy to use even for a novice user.

People use WordPress not only to create dynamic websites, but static ones as well. Many people even convert their old HTML site to WordPress.

Here I would like to show you why this system is the best solution of you want to build your website.

Why WordPress is the Best CMS

Search Engine Friendly – Google and the other like WordPress sites as they are easy to be crawled and they have proper coding, though this greatly depends on the quality of the theme and plugins you use. Moreover, WordPress sites can be search engine optimized even more by using WordPress SEO plugins that helps with creating better content, setting up meta tags, indexation etc. But you must not forget one thing that the most important thing is the content that you have on your blog. Last, but not least, search engines like those sites that are regularly updated, and as WordPress is used for blogging, they get this, too.

Simpler and Faster Website Building – Many years ago HTML websites were used that needed good programming knowledge and for a beginner it was rather hard to set up site that looks professionally. However, there were templates, but they were hard to be modified as well. With WordPress these things can be forgotten. You should only install a theme that suit your needs and that is all. You will have a properly looking and working site, that can be modified any time you want. You can concentrate on adding your content and other tasks.

Large Supporting CWhy WordPress is the Best CMSommunity – Because of its great popularity, I think WP is the mostly supported CMS. There are thousands of forums, blogs on the internet that offers valuable help in case you have some problem with your site. We also must not forget about the millions of tutorials, that help to learn how to use it well.

Furthermore, it has the most powerful developing community who tweak the core regularly adding newer and newer functions and making it even more stable and safe. Plus, we must not forget about those who create great plugins and themes.

Best Community Builder CMS – What make WP even more powerful that helps to build a community around your site. It comes with commenting system, but with simple to install plugins you can even add forums, Q&A section, chat etc. everything that you can imagine that help to communicate with your visitors and each other. This helps to get more returning visitors.

Easy to Use – Personally, I started to it many years ago because I found it easy to use. It comes with an easy to use dashboard where everything can be managed comfortably and fast. By installing plugins I can make my site even more powerful and tweak the things I need simply. I think, one of the greatest advantage of this CMS is the ability to use plugins .

Beside the mentioned reasons above it has many other great advantages. If you have not used yet, I suggest you to give it a try, you will understand why it is so popular. Last, but not least no matter if you want to build a site for your needs or for your clients, I suggest it.


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2 thoughts on “Why Choose WordPress to Build Website

  1. Jammer says:

    I’m new with website building and setting up CMS. I’m learning how to use them and I have tested some, but for me WordPress is the winner. Much user-friendly and easier to learn than the others.

  2. Gertrude says:

    I’m also new with website building. I’d like to know if we can add forums to WordPress. Thanks

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