Using WordPress to Build Video Website

There are many ways to build a video website. It is not hard to find a video sharing script or add-ons for various content management systems. But WordPress is unquestionably the best way to develop your video site as it comes with all the features you will need.

Build Video Website using WordPress

Why WordPress?

Well, if you are a bit familiar with it, you have already experienced how easy it is to use and how flexible it is. There are tons of plugins you can use and many themes you can choose from.

I think, the greatest advantage of WordPress is that we can extend it whenever we want. Extra functions and sections can be easily added by using plugins. For example, you want to add a newsletter, you will only need to install a plugin, and that is all.

Moreover, it is one of the most search engine friendly CMS and SEO can be enhanced even more by using different sorts of SEO plugins. Though, we are talking about a video website, it must be optimized in order to get better rankings, which means more free traffic.

In addition, you can use tools to monetize it in different ways. There are powerful plugins for adding Google Adsense, banners or any other sort of ads.

Though, WordPress is a blogging platforms it can be easily turned to a professional and profitable video website.

WordPress Video Themes

Beside the mentioned advantages, there are many out of the box WordPress video themes, as well. These sorts of themes are developed with features which make it extraordinarily easy to add videos and their layouts are also built for displaying videos effectively. The whole structure of a WordPress video theme is optimized to offer the best user experience and easy navigation for the visitors. Furthermore, most of these themes come with built in players that offer options for customization.

Last, but not least the premium videos themes come with an administration dashboard where you can customize the look out of your site fast and easy.

Collection of the best video and movie themes here

Some Examples

Offering More Valuable Content

Another benefit of using WordPress is that you can add even more valuable content to your videos. If you want to build a popular and search engine friendly video website, you will need to add not only videos but also some sort of written content, as well. This easy with WordPress. On top of that, you can also insert images or other elements to your posts, and we must not forget about the commenting feature which allows visitors to interact with each other and add their ideas to the videos.

Automated Video Plugins

Another thing, which has to be mentioned, is that you can automate your whole site by a using automated WordPress video plugin. These sorts of tools automatically get videos based on keywords or RSS feeds and generate the posts. You can set them up how often you want them to make posts and what sort of videos should be included or excluded. They add the description of the videos and the comments of you want, too. These kinds of video plugins are perfect solutions if you want to build autopilot video portals.

Automated- Youtube Video Poster Plugin

Automated Youtube  Plugin

Ideas to build video sites

Finally, I would like to give some ideas. There is no question that Youtube is the leading video sharing site. Therefore building a giant, general web site is not the best idea considering that you will have no chance to compete with Youtube. But, there are far fewer niche video sites on which only topic specific videos are shared. Find a niche which is rather untapped yet, and check if there is a video site for it. If not, you have the chance to build a truly profitable video site.


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2 thoughts on “Using WordPress to Build Video Website

  1. Swumer says:

    I want to build a video website for sharing videos about gardening. I’m quite new with website building, but I’ve been using WordPress quite well. I’ve tested some video sharing script, but I found them hard to use. That is the reason I’m here. After reading this I will surely use WordPress to make my video website. Thanks.

    • Good luck with your video website.

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