Tricks to Make Blog Posts More Valuable

Writing valuable and enjoyable content is the most crucial factor of successful blogging. If you have strong, useful content not only your visitors return, but search engines will favor your site.

Here, I would like to show you some techniques that can help to make your posts even more valuable. It is not necessary to use all these tips within one post, just take one or two which you think are closer to you. You can even improve your existing posts by using these tips.

How to Write Better Blog Posts

Add Links to Other Relevant Useful Resources or Quote

When somebody searches something on the net he wants to get as much and detailed information about that topic as possible, but it is impossible to give all sort of info at one place. By adding relevant links, the visitor will see your site as a valuable sort of information. Moreover, everything can be found at one place, there is no need for more searches (and that is what Google wants).

Alternatively, you can cite from other posts, but always add the source links and use blockquote. This might be a better solution since visitors will stay on your page longer and you can have longer, more informative posts.

Make the Reading of Your Posts Easy

Nobody likes reading long, big blocks of texts. They are hard to understand and boring. When visitors land on your page, most of them only scan the content. You should make scanning easy, and you can do it easily by separating your content into shorter paragraphs, using headlines, lists or even bolding the most valuable parts of your article.

Tell Them What to Do

At the end of your post tell them what to do next. If you have other posts that are relevant just drop a link to it, or tell them to subscribe to your mailing list if they need more info on the topic, or tell them to use what they have just learnt, you can even ask theme to comment on the topic. These little tricks can help to engage the visitors and help to have your posts updated naturally.

Adding Examples

Adding examples to your blog post makes it easier to understand. You can add written examples, but images and videos are even better.

If you have not used these little tricks yet on your blog posts yet, you should consider using in order to give more value to your readers. On top of that, these tricks may even help you to write your posts faster and more enjoyably.

 You May Find Useful

Do you use other tactics to write more valuable posts? If yes, please share with us.


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