Top WordPress Restaurant Themes

Using a WordPress restaurant theme to build a website – for restaurant, inn, café or a recipe blog etc. – is one of the best solution. Why? Because beside the great layout they offer, many of these themes come with special features making the management of the site, menus and even bookings really simple. On top of that, if you use WordPress you can add even more functions by using plugins in case you want to offer more for the visitors (for example you can add coupons, or testimonial section etc.). Last, but not least most of these restaurant themes can be purchased on an affordable price or they are even free.

There are quite a lot of premium WordPress themes for restaurants, but within this post I have tried to collect the best ones, that not only beautiful, but also offer the best features.

Top WordPress Restaurant Themes

Templatic Themes

This developer group has 3 great looking premium themes that can be used for a restaurant website. All of these themes come with a great and easy to use admin panel where not only the layout of the theme can be modified, but many other options like SEO, subscription etc. All of the themes are really easy to install as well and can be managed easily even by a novice user. I like the lookout of the homepages of these themes very much. You can check their themes below with some info.


As you can see it comes with a professional looking homepage where detailed information can be added about the restaurant and the menu.

Wordpress Restaurant Theme

Another nice looking theme with a big slider on the homepage where the best dishes of the place can be added. The sidebar is a really good place to add basic info on the openings and for other details.

Gourmet Theme

This theme is my favorite as it comes with the most unique design and comes with very useful features: menu pages, menu page gallery view option, separate category wise list view and many more.

Foodilicious Theme


This WordPress restaurant theme is really unique among these sort of themes from the layout point of view. It provides many options for changing the layout, colors and other things. It is very easy to use, so it is good choice for those who want to build a modern looking website for their service and do not want to pay for website management. I think, it is also great choice for creating a blog or an online magazine about cooking, foods, drinks etc.


Bon Apetit

If you need simple, cleaner WordPress restaurant theme this is for you. I think, it is the best choice for those who want to blog about cooking or just want to share their recipes. Moreover, they have a great looking theme specially built for café or bar owners. Both themes come with a built in administration panel to manage everything comfortably at one place. You can check out both themes below.


Bon Apetit

Modern looking WP theme with big homepage slider for coffee shop, bar owners who want to give information of their services.

Bar WordPress Theme


Classical looking WP restaurant theme with great solutions to display pictures of foods, drinks and of course about the restaurant itself. It comes with a powerful backend and great amount of features for customization such as many shortcodes. Moreover, you can choose from 5 color schemes and it comes with a location page to help your customers reaching your business simply. Last, but not least it comes with a menu page template.


MyCuisine WP Restaurant Theme

Restaurant Theme

If you search for a magazine style WordPress theme for your restaurant website in that case this theme is for you. It comes with a big homepage area where you can add a video, for example. It also supports menu displaying and localization. I think, it is a really fresh looking theme, I would use it for a recipe website.


Restaurant WordPress Theme

Delicious Theme

This is another magazine style WordPress theme, but can be perfectly used for a restaurants, cafés, bars, diners, pizzerias etc. The big slider on the homepage is  great place the show off the best things of the place. It also comes with a dashboard for simpler management.


Delicious Theme

Pluto Café & Restaurant Theme

Searching for something more modern and special? This theme is for you. It comes with really powerful features for setting up the backgrounds, adding the menu and many others. It is really unique among the WordPress restaurant themes.


Pluto - WordPress Café & Restaurant Theme

As oyu can see above there are quite a lot of great looking themes for building a restaurant website, but you can also check some WordPress hotel themes since they come with booking function as well.

Do you know another WordPress restaurant theme that should be here? Share, with us!

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  1. Tamago says:

    Very nice collection of WordPress restaurant themes here. Which do you suggest for a recipe blog?

    • i think the best is Delicious Theme for a recipe blog.

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