Top 10 Facts About WordPress

I have been using WordPress for many years now and during this time I have used it to build many sort of sites in many niches. What I like about this content management system is that it is extremely flexible – to tell the truth I have always found the solution whenever some sort of problem appeared or I need something “special” to build my site. In my point of view, it is definitely the most user-friendly, and well, the best CMS ever.

Within this post I would like to share with you 10  interesting facts about WordPress

  1. The life of WordPress began in 2003 when Matt Mullenweg and Mike Litte came out with the 0.7 version. You can check out all the versions here.
  2. In 2004. BBpress came out which is a forum solution for WordPress.
  3. In 2005. the well-known Kubric theme, rich text editor and image uploading function was added making blogging even more easier. in this year started its life.
  4. Hello Dolly was the first WordPress plugin.
  5. In 2012. June were nearly 20. 000 plugins!
  6. Akismet service and the well known plugin has cough more than 20 billion spam comments.
  7. The most popular plugins are downloaded millions of times. For example, AIO +11 million times, Google XML sitemaps more than 7 million times and there are dozens of plugins with over a million of download rate.
  8. In 2007. WordPress won the open source CMS award.
  9. Every second WordPress downloaded 3-4 times. You can check out the counter here.
  10. There are over 20 million sites powered by

Here is a nice image about the most interesting facts about WordPress, though it is quite aout of date as it was made in late 2011.



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