Things You Must Not Do With Your Blog

It is not hard to find posts about how to build better blogs, what sort of things we should do to have better rankings, returning visitors and more regular readers, but now I would like to show some tip about what you should not do with your blog. These tips will help you to follow the guidelines of Google and at the same time have more returning visitors.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Choosing the keywords for a website and even for a blog posts is the first and most crucial step. No matter how informative, well-written blog posts you have if you go after keyword(s) that are too competitive and/or have no searches at all. Keyword research is the most critical task for your SEO strategy. You should find keywords or phrases that are low competitive, but have enough searches at the same time.Blogging Tips

Using Black Hat Techniques

Simply, forget them! They may get some success in the short run, but in the long term they surely destroy your blog. Building low quality, tons of backlinks used to work, but not any more. Google Penguin seriously punished the sites that have used black hat techniques. On top of that, link building is not as powerful as it used to be.

Writing for SEO and Not For the Readers

Your aim must be to have content on your blog, which is informative and useful for the readers. Write for them and not for the search engines. Google Penguin has also punished those sites which are “over-optimized”. Simply, your articles must be written naturally.

This does not mean you do not have to optimize your posts, you should, but differently. You should use your keywords in your title, tags, heading and of course within the content, but have lower keyword density and use relevant keywords and LSI keywords, as well. Moreover, forget the techniques that used to work like underlining etc. The aim is to be as natural and useful as possible.

Do Not Use the Power of Social Media

Though, I think SEO is the best way to get visitors, not using social media is nonsense. There will always be search engines updates that may be harmful to your site, and you will lose visitors, but if you have followers, you have the chance to “survive”. To have them, you should interact them and share things that are really useful, what they certainly want to know about.

Overall, if you want to be successful with blogging you should concentrate on offering value to your readers continuously and avoid the dark techniques, this way you offer value for readers and for the search engines, as well.

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