How to Solve if WordPress is Hacked

Unfortunately, WordPress is one of the mostly hacked CMS, simply because it is one of the mostly used content management system. However, WordPress Wordpress Hacked and How to Solve Ititself is a rather safe system, and it is always updated, it can happen to you that your site is hacked. You have the chance to avoid it if you follow the guidelines mentioned in “How to make WordPress Secure“, but there are and will be hackers who are better.

There are many types of hacking attacks from the simplest to more complex ones, but fortunately most of them can be solved quite simply. Most “popular” way of hacking WordPress is when unwanted links and codes are injected into the theme or WordPress files. Another when they use redirection to another site with unwanted content.

Here are some tips you should follow to solve these sorts of “simpler” hacking problems.

What to Do if WordPress is Hacked

  • Firstly, check your .htaccess file, if you find some sort of unusual codes, changes, try to remove them, but be careful since if you do something badly, you site might ruin.
  • Install and run WordPress Security Plugin, which is one of the best security plugin that helps with prevention, and solve hacker and malicious infections. If there are some results, remove the plugin(s) where infection can be found, or if it is in WordPress files, download a fresh WordPress pack and replace it/them.
  • I strongly suggest you to read the suggestion on the official WP site as well since you can find many excellent solutions if WordPress is hacked.
  • You should also check the permissions of your files and folders. Sometimes giving 777 or 755 is unnecessary. If you file and folder permissions are set properly, it is harder for hackers to get access to them.
  • If you have found the code or the site where redirection is made, Google it. You will surely find discussions where people have already solved the problems. For me, this works the best.
  • Another suggestion from me, if you do not find the solution, you should check out some Gigs on Fiverr. For 5 bucks you can find skilled programmers who clean your website. I have used these services, and I saved a lot of time and money with them.

Overall, prevention is the best strategy against hackers, this is the most crucial thing you should always keep in mind, but even if your WordPress blog is hacked, you can always find a solution to save your website.


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