Make Your WordPress Site Google Panda Resistant

Goolge Panda and Penguin have changed the world of search engine optimization forever. The techniques that used to work for many years does not work now or even harmful. These updates launched in order to force the website owners to offer quality content for the visitors and to avoid tricky techniques to manipulate the search engines.

Recovering from Google Panda

The beast can be beaten!

If we concentrate on Google Panda, it is mainly about on-site SEO. Sites with crappy or not unique content, with poor site structure and with duplicate content have been badly attacked. In order to keep Google Panda away from your site or to recover from it, you will need to make serious steps for optimization on your WordPress sites.

Below you can find some tips on how to optimize your posts and get rid of the duplicate content which typical for WordPress.

Quality Content

The first thing you need to do is check your posts and get rid of those which are too short, taken from other sites and badly-written.

If you use a plugin, which gets content from other websites, remove it. You should remove as well as redirect the posts which are generated by it. Sites with not unique content have been eliminated from Google’s search results. In case, you want to quote somebody always use blockquote and link back to the original post. You should do same with the images, as well.

If you have some rather short posts, you need to make them longer and more informative. Make your posts at least 500 words long, add images and videos to them. Do not write for search engines, but for the readers. Do not staff your articles with keywords. Instead of using the same keywords again and again, use relevant and LSI keywords. Google will now what is your topic about. Last, but not least pay attention for spelling and grammar.

Some tips on quality content or making SEO posts


Get Rid of Duplicate Content on WordPress

You also needs to check your legal pages. As you probably know legal pages like disclaimer, about us, contact etc. are beneficial for SEO, but in many cases the content of those are copied from other sites or generated by some sort of tool.

There are two ways for optimization. One is to add noindex/nofollow metatags to these pages and/or disallow to be crawled in robots.txt. The other is to rewrite them to be unique which is unquestionably the best way.

One of the biggest problem with WordPress is that if you use all of its taxonomy features you will have a vast number of duplicate content. For example, if you use tags, archives, categories and so on, you will have hundreds or even thousands of pages with duplicate, low quality content. And this is a big no-no for Google Panda.

You can avoid this is if you add noindex meta tags to these pages. Personally, I also disallow search engines to crawl these pages in robots.txt and I totally switch off date and author archives. If you use Yoast’s WordPress plugin, or All in One SEO, you can easily make these changes.

Another rather new way of optimization is to add Google authorship to your site and pages. This enables Google to know that you are the creator of the content, and if it is republished somewhere, you will be credited. On top of that, using authorship is extremely useful for building your brand.

Another think that you need to keep in mind is not inserting too much text or too many links in the footer, sidebar of your WordPress website. Nowadays, I only use links to relevant articles on my post pages. The most crucial thing is that, on your web pages the articles must always outweigh the other text or any other content.

Though, WordPress is a killer CMS there are some steps you need to do to get rid of duplicate content it generates, but the most crucial thing is to make useful and optimized posts for your visitors. If you follow the steps mentioned here, you can make your WordPress site more protected from Google Panda.

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