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Building an automatic WordPress blogs is not a hard task considering that there are many free and premium plugins which can be used. An automatic blog or autoblog is a site which automatically updates itself with different sorts of content. Depending on the autoblog plugin you use it can make posts from RSS, article directories, videos etc.

The simplest way to build an automated blog is to use WP-o-matic plugin, which use RSS feeds for posting. So you need to keep in mind that it is not able to post videos and others.

Below is the tutorial how use this free plugin.

  • Firstly, you need to install the WP-o-matic plugin which can be downloaded here. You need to install like any other plugins. There are many other plugins which can be used. Here is the best one ever!
  • The next step is to set up the plugin. You can find the menu of WP-o-matic on the left hand side of the administration. What makes this plugin is a bit difficult to use for a novice user is that it needs cron job setting, but here is a video below which helps you to set the cron job up.

  • Once you have set the cron job up, you can add a campaign. Click on the “Add campaign” text. Firstly, you will need to add a name for the campaign. It can be anything which helps you with management.
  • Next you will need to add the feeds you want to use. It is crucial to collect feeds which are relevant. I mean, if your automatic blog is about cooking in the garden, you will need to find feeds which are only about this topic. This not only helps to offer better content for the visitors, but also with search engine optimization. If you want to build successful autoblogs, you need to use relevant, and quality feeds.

Build WordPress Autoblog

  • If you want to categorize your posts you can set one or more categories to your feeds. This can be useful if your website is about a broader niche.
  • Then you need to set up how often the plugin post check the feeds for grabbing content. For feeds which are updated daily, the best choice is once per a day.
  • The next setting is to cache images or not. I think, the ethical way is to cache and I always tick it.
  • Then you need to decide if the grabbed posts will be published automatically or will be saved as drafts. Since we want to build automatic websites, I suggest ticking publish.
  • Next you need to set how many post will be made daily. I think, 5 – 10 are enough. Having to many posts on a day looks spammy.
  • Last, you need to set if you let commenting or not. Because of spam, I usually disallow commenting.
  • Lastly, you need to click on the submit button to save your settings. If you want to check how the post will look like, and if everything works properly, click on the fetch now button.

Here is the video for settings

Tip: If you are getting more familiar with this autoblogging software you can create content templates, as well. This way you can make better content.

That is all! By using this free plugin, you can set up as many websites as you want and build considerable amount autoblogs in a short time. If you want to build more professional automatic blogs you will need to use a more powerful autoblog wich offers more features for content grabbing.


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