How to Make a News Website

There are many content management systems you can use to make a news website. Most of the well known CMS such as Drupal, Joomla etc. come with the necessary options which allow us to build a magazine style website. But I have to say if we check out all the features of those systems, WordPress is the best. Though, it started its life as a blogging platform, but because of its powerful features and continuous development it can be used to build any sort of site.

Let’s see why WordPress CMS is the best solution to make a news website.

Advantages of WordPress


WP is loved by webmasters because of its exceptional flexibility. It comes with an easy to be modified coding, thousands of plugins and themes. By using these tools, we can build any sort of sites, or we can add more sections and function to an existing WordPress site easily.

This can be extraordinarily useful for news or magazine style website as well, as beside displaying articles you can add a forum, gallery, video or any other sections.

Optimized for Search Engines

This is another beneficial positiveness of WordPress. In order to get free traffic from search engines, you site must be optimized. This is what we call on-site SEO. The first step of this process is to share posts which are valuable and optimized for keywords.

WordPress come with many SEO plugins which help you to optimize your pages even better. Moreover, premium WordPress themes are also optimized.

Good content + SEO themes and plugins = good rankings

User Friendly Editor

If you want to make a news website, I’m sure that you will not be the only one who post articles. You may have a team or you may let others submit posts. And I’m sure there will be editors who are not so expert.

Another advantage of WordPress that it comes with a really easy to use editor and system. It is incredibly easy to write the posts with different elements, adding pictures or videos, even for a novice user.

Handling Images & Videos

I think, images and videos are hugely crucial parts of a news or magazine site. But if you use WordPress adding them is extremely easy. You can insert images and videos anyhow and anywhere.

Commenting System

The last thing that has to be mentioned why choose WordPress to make a news site is the commenting feature. It lets users comment on articles. This helps to make your site more interactive and engage the readers. This means more returning visitors.

How you can make a news website with WordPress

The answer is easy. Use a WordPress magazine theme. These are specially built themes, which come with a site structure which is needed for a news style website. You can find free and premium ones, as well. The advantage of using a premium one is that they come with a powerful admin dashboard where any modifications can be done fast and easy. Moreover, premium news themes offer far more options for customization than the free ones.

How to Make a News Website

Some great magazine & news style WordPress themes

Overall, if you want to build a news or magazine website WordPress is a perfect solution, that you consider using.

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