How to Make SEO WordPress Post

After Google Panda and Penguin on-site SEO and content have become one of the most important factors to get better rankings. Those days are over when it was enough to build tons of backlinks. In order to get better rankings for your posts you not only need to write better content, but also optimize it properly. Here I would like to show you some tips on how to make search engine optimized blog posts.

The first thing you should never forget is to choose the right keywords. This is the most important step of successful SEO. You should do keyword research to get keywords that are easy to rank, but at the same time have enough searches. You can find many great informations on keyword research, just Google it.


The following optimization techniques can be easily managed by using the Easy WP SEO plugin. Click here for more info.

How to Optimize Your Blog Posts

Optimize the Title
This is a crucial factor. The title should contain the keyword that you write the blog post for. Moreover, you should write a compelling title which can help to get better click through rate if the post appear in search results.

Good Meta Description
Your meta description must be optimized, too. You should include the keyword and if is possible some LSI words as well. Plus, you should write a compelling description in oder to get more clicks in search results.

Optimize the URL
Optimization of the URL has got two steps. The first is to change the default WordPress permalink to a more SEO friendly, the aim to get a permalink that allows you to add the keyword within the URL. I usually use the “%postname%” setting.

By this optimization the post title will be in the URL, which will contain the keyword. If it is too long remove some unnecessary words, but always keep the keyword in it. you should also remove words like a, an, the etc.

Use the Keyword in the Content
In order to show search engines what your content is about, you should include the keyword in your content. The keyword density should be between 1-2,5%, but you should also use relevant, LSI and theme words as well. Do not over-use the keywords, as it is keyword stuffing, and your post will never rank.

Using the Keyword in HeadingsMaking SEO Friendly WordPress Posts
If you have picked a WordPress theme that is optimized, the H1 heading will contain the keyword as it is maybe the same as the title, but you should also ad some other headings such as H2, H3 or even H4. I use the keyword at least one of them and use relevant or LSI keywords in the others.

Include Images
This not only good to make your blog posts more informative, but also help with SEO. To get the best results include the keyword in the ALT tag.

If you have another post that is relevant, link it to your new post. This not only shows search engines that you have more relevant content, but also keep the visitors on your site. The more time visitors stay on your WordPress blog, the better for SEO.

Add Relevant External Links
If you know content on other sites which is relevant and offers value to the visitors, link to it.

No matter what sort of WordPress SEO plugin you use, you will not have good rankings if your content is not optimized. Fortunately, there are some WordPress plugins which help you to check the mentioned factors easily, before publishing the post.

The best one is Easy WP SEO that not only tells how optimized your posts is, but also help with SEO content creation as well. You can check it out here.


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  1. Cometr says:

    Unfortunately, my blog has less and less traffic nowadays, may be because of the latest Google updates. I read everywhere that valuable content become the most important factor. I think, I have to improve my blogs posts for SEO. Thanks for the tips, Bucee!

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