Top Videos About How to Install WordPress

If you are beginner with script installation, you may have problems with installing WordPress, though I’m sure if you have done it once, you will surely learn it, since WordPress installation is extremely easy. There are many ways to do it. It can be done manually or by using the control panel of your webhost – this is typically CPanel, which is unquestionably the most popular and exceptionally easy to use.

Here, I collected the best videos about how to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress by Using Cpanel & Fantastico

There is no question, this method is the easiest, since all the hard work is done automatically like database setting up etc.

This method is nearly the same, but in this case instead of using Fantastico, we use Softaculous which is another very easy to use system.

Installing WordPress Manually

Of course, this might be a harder task since if you install WordPress manually, you should set up the database yourself, plus you should modify the config file. Therefore, the possibility to have some sort of mistake is higher. Here is a video about how to install WP on your own. (The webhost in the example is Hostgator)

and here is another great video about WP installation

Do you need more tutorials about WordPress installation? Check the following.

Overall, if you want to build websites with WordPress, I think it is very important to learn how to install it to save time and money.

Do you know other WordPress installation tutorials that must be here? Share with us!



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