How to Get More Blog Comments

Why do you need to get more blog comments? Using outstanding theme and content are the most important factors to build trust with your visitors. On the other hand, there is another factor, that is usually neglected, to look more reliable is having many comments. The more comments you have on your posts, the better, as comments show the visitors that your posts are worth to comment on, your blog has many visitors and trusted by others as well.

Having good amount of comments on your WordPress blog is an important factor of a website to look trusted in the eye of the visitors . But how we can get more blog comments. There are some easy steps and tools that you can use to get more comments on your WordPress site. Below you can find some.

Methods to Get More Blog Comments

Always Respond to the Comments

If visitors see that you answer the questions, or respond the comments, people will more likely ask a question from you or add their comment. This helps to have more informative web pages at the same time. Which even help to get better rankings, so it is good for SEO.

Use CommentLuv Plugin

The first simple method  to get more blog comments is to install CommntLuv plugin. The greatest advantage of this plugin is that it allows users to use their keyword in their name and anchor text. This surely forces the visitors to add a comment as they will have a backlink. But beside this function it has many more advantages. The only disadvantage of using this plugin is that it only allows adding comments for the members of CommentLuv.

You can read more about CommentLuv plugin here

Allowing Visitors to Subscribe to Comments

If somebody asked a question, he would like to follow the discussion. If you add subscribe option they can easily do this. This small step also help to get more returning visitors. You can find many plugins for this purpose.

Add Facebook & Twitter Commenting

There are really good plugins that allow visitors to comment by using Facebook and Twitter. (You can read more about how to add Facebook commenting here.) But I think the best solution is WordPress Jet Pack which will allow you to add Facebook, Twitter or Guest commenting, and comes with even more money features that encourage visitors to comment.  I’m sure that this zool can also help to get more blog comments.

Get More Blog Comments Using JetPack

Ask Question at the End of Your Blog Post

In order to get more comments you can even ask a question at the end of the blog posts. This may help to get more blog comments as well.

Overall, having more comments help to be more trustworthy, offer more valuable content for the visitors and to build a more active community.

Do you know other tools and methods to get more comments? Share with us.


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  1. Ismorte says:

    I think using Facebook, Twitter and others to post comment can help a lot to get more comments and less spam.

    • Yes, they are also good solutions to get more comments.

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