How to Build Wiki Website with WordPress

Building a Wikipedia like website is not hard nowadays considering that there are some mighty Wiki scripts which offers the same features as the original site does. And now you can also build a Wiki site based on WordPress, all you need is the free plugin called Wiki. You can use this plugin in two ways. You can make a fully featured website or add Wiki pages to you WordPress blog.

The plugin allows users to edit the wikis easily and fast or add theirs, as well. What makes this plugin even more effective is that it can be used to build multisite networks, as well. It supports the WYSIWYG editors and this way the editing is even more user friendly.

You can download this Wiki plugin here.

Wordpress Wiki Plugin

Frontend edit screen

This Wiki plugin is a free one, but you can download a premium one which offers many more features such as:

  • Complete front end editing
  • Anonymous or registered user editing. Revision history.
  • Profesional notification system.
  • Breadcrumb & widget navigation
  • Integrated page discussion tools with gravatars WYSIWYG editing
  • Integrated front end upload functionality


More Sources to Build Wiki Sites

BuddyPress Wiki

In case you use Buddypress there is another excellent plugin to build a Wikipedia like site. This plugin adds collaborative work spaces, making wiki and document editing available for members. The basic features it offers:

  • Group-specific Docs
  • Doc taxonomy, using tags
  • Fully sortable and filterable doc lists
  • TinyMCE front-end doc editing
  • One-editor-at-a-time prevention against overwrites, plus idle detection/autosave
  • Full access to revision history
  • Dashboard access and management of Docs for the site admin

More here:

Tutorial How it Works

WordPress Wiki Theme

Nice looking, clean WordPress them which turn your WP blog to a knowledge base. It is truly useful if you want to add a FAQ or article section to an existing website. In my point of view, it is a powerful theme to build an article directory, as well. It comes with different color variations, enhanced search function, Ajax star rating, great amount of page styling functions and many more. It includes a custom Wiki FAQ plugin for better customization. You can check out the demos here.

Wiki Style WordPress Theme

Front Page



This theme is also a powerful tool to build a customized knowledgebase. It can be easily tuned to a support system. What it makes extremely powerful is that it is exceptionally easy to manage and update. Moreover, it comes with impressive features, which help to communicate with the users better. Try the demos here.





Though, WordPress is a blog system because of its exceptional flexibility it can be easy turned to a Wikipedia like website by using the mentioned sources above. There are more tools WordPress tools for this aim, but many of them are out of date, so I suggest you to use one from about to build a Wikipedia site using WordPress. If you know more themes or plugin to build Wiki sites with WordPress, plase share with us in the comment section.

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  1. Sancy says:

    I have been searching for a solution to build a wiki like website for my website. I’ve tried the known wiki scripts, but I don’t like them. These themes are far better. Thanks for taking the time to collect them.

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