Adding Different Elements to Your Blog Posts

Creating posts with WordPress is quite uncomplicated. It comes with a really easy to use editing panel where all the mostly used functions can be found. On the other hand, if you need more and want to add extra elements to your blog posts you can also do that by installing some plugins.

There are editors which offer far more options than the default one and you can also use a shortcode plugin which offers even more possibilities to add different sort of elements and sections to you blog posts.

What sort of elements you can add?

A typical blog post contains text, images and maybe videos. In many cases, it is enough, but there are blog posts, which need more extras such as reviews, sales pages, posts with a lot of images and so on. If you use the plugins, which will be mentioned here, you will be able to enhance the look out of those posts easily.

By using these tools, you can add tabs, sliders, different kinds of buttons, tables, boxes, list icons, spoilers, headings and many others.

These elements can be easily added without making any changes in your theme or uploading any images.

Wordpress Shortcode

Some examples you can use

Why enhance your posts

These sorts of components can not only help to make better looking posts, but they can also help visitors to navigate and find the necessary information faster.

Let’s see an example. For instance, you write a long review of a product, and you want to add videos, images, testimonials etc. At the end, you will have a long post which is stuffed with everything. If you use tabs you can make far better ordered post. You can use a slider where many images can be displayed in a smaller place. Last, but not least, you can make a powerful call to action button if your do affiliate marketing, which surely helps to have a better conversation.

How you can add elements

There are two ways you can add elements once is to change the default editor to a more advanced one such as Ultimate Tinymce or Advanced Tinymce. Both of them offer exceptional features.

Ultimate Tinymce

Enhance your editor

The second is to add a shortcode plugin. You can find premium and free ones, as well. In many cases, it is enough to install the free Shortcode Ultimate which offers +30 shortcodes. It is easy to use, and it is constantly updated.



If you want to create better looking posts, first you will need to install one of the mentioned plugins. However, stuffing your posts is also not good. Use shortcodes, design elements where it is necessary and the never forget the content is the most important.

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    Thanks for this great post. I saw many sites using different elements, and I always wanted to know how they do it. Now I can enhance my posts using these solutions.

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