How to Get Blog Post Ideas

For beginner bloggers, one of the hardest tasks after some time is how to get blog post ideas. If we have a niche blog which is not so broad, it is hard to share How to Get Blog Topics Ideasnewer and newer posts that are valuable and engage the followers and visitors. On top of that, regular blog posting is extremely essential for keeping the readers and for SEO, as well. If you want to make a successful blog, you should posts regularly.

I used to have this problem, but I found many ways to get good blog ideas. The methods I started to use have helped me to always have something relevant to write about. On top of that, they have helped me to improve the quality of my writings, and now I can write my posts far more faster, as well.

What sort of methods I use to have creative blogging ideas? Below you can find all the ones I use.

Sites You can Use to Get Blog Post Ideas

Read Relevant Forums

Every day I spend at least 30 minutes on relevant forums. I have collected the best, most active ones, this way I always have fresh ideas. The great advantage of the forums is that people ask many related questions which are usually answered by experts. The question itself can be enough to get a blog post idea, and if there are useful replies it is even more easy to compose an article.

So, go and find the best forums on your niche and if it is possible subscribe to their RSS feeds. Last, but not least they part on these forums as they are good sources to build your brand and build high quality links.

Checking Others ‘ Blogs

Reading related blogs is another terrific way to have daily blog ideas. You need to subscribe via RSS feeds of the blogs, so whenever new posts are added you will be informed. The other advantage of reading blogs on the same topic is that you can improve your writing skills and learn the tactics they use.

Alternatively, you can use Google’s blog search feature, so for the keyword you want to use you will have a vast number of posts your can use. Finally, comment on these blogs that is beneficial for getting free traffic.

Checking Q&A sites

Similar to the forums, but questions and answers sites can help for those who want to make Q&A style blog posts or easier for them to write articles by answering the question(s). Yahoo Answers is a leading source, there are millions of questions in thousands of niches. But there are other large Q&A sites, you can use. You can also use these sites for building links.

Example Yahoo Answers Question

Subscribe on Facebook and Twitter

If you like staying on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, they are also good places to get blog post ideas by subscribing. Find people who share posts on your niche. Typically, they do not just share their own posts, but others, as well. This way, you do not need to look for the best sources as people only share if something is valuable.

Another site, I started to use recently is Socialvois, which is a social media search engine.

Use Youtube Videos

The last technique I use to get ideas for a blog post is watching videos on Youtube. No matter what your niche is, you will surely find a video. You can find tutorials, reviews etc. which you can use. You can also subscribe to channels.

Subscribe to RSS

The other thing you can do is to subscribe to RSS feeds of the websites which are relevant to your niche. Google reader was a great tool to collect these feeds and see them at one place, but in July, 2013 it will be abandoned. A fantastic alternative is which looks more modern.

These are 6 ways I use, and I’m always able to find something to write about. There are many other ways to get blog post ideas, of course, but these have helped me a lot.


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