Features to Check in WordPress Shopping Cart

However, WordPress is blogging system it can be easily turned to an online store by using a WordPress shopping cart theme or plugin. There are simple and more complete shopping cart solutions, free and premium ones as well. The best is that if you use these tools with some clicks you can have a webshop running and even non-techie can manage it easily.

On the other hand, before you start to use a WordPress shopping cart there are some futures that must be checked in order to find the proper one for your business. Different stores need different features. Sometimes a plugin is enough to sell some sort of things, sometimes a bigger more powerful shopping theme is needed. A badly chosen shopping cart software can ruin your business.

Unfortunately, there are some plugins and themes which are rather low quality, having bugs or has not got the options that are necessary. Therefore, it is very important to pick the software for your online store wisely. If you choose a bad one, you will spend a lot on coders to modify it, not talking about the money you lose when your site does not work.

Here I would like to give your some suggestions on what sort of features must be included within a WordPress shopping cart theme.

WordPress Shopping Cart Must Haves

Open source code – If it is possible the code of the shopping cart should not be encrypted. This helps to make modifications more easily or any greater changes.
Easy customization – Fortunately, most of the premium WordPress shopping themes come with an admin dashboard where design modifications can be easily done such as changing colors, removing and adding widgets and sections etc. This function is useful in order to have a design that matches with your products you sell.
Cropping & Auto-Thumbnail Generation – Since product images are very important for an online store, and they will be displayed in many part of the site, cropping and auto thumbnail generation is very important. This tools help to customize your images within WordPress, plus auto-thumbnailing will properly display images site wide.
Shipping & Tax Options – Depending what sort of products your sell and in which country, these functions are very important to sell online legally and offer information for customers.
Widgets & Plugin Supporting – In many cases you should use the widgets for promotion, giving information on something, if your WordPress shopping cart theme does not support to use widgets you cannot do this. Of course, your theme must work properly with other plugins.
Article Section – In order to get more visitors from search engines you should add relevant articles to your store. I think, this function is usually neglected, but good informative, relevant articles can bring your more sales.
Multiply Currencies – If you build an international webstore your theme must support multiply currencies as well to serve the needs of all customers.
Different Payment Getaways – Must have is Paypal, but the more type of payment getaways the shopping cart software supports the better.

Another thing you can do before purchasing is to check forums where the software your want to buy is discussed. All in all, using building online store using a WordPress shopping cart is a simply and effective method even for a beginner.

Wordpress Shopping Cart

Simple Shopping Theme for WordPress

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