Building Real Estate Website with WordPress

Building a real estate website with WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best way. It is a fact that there are other real estate website scripts and templates on the market, but using WordPress has many advantages.

The first is that WordPress is exceptionally flexible. You can choose from many sort of themes for real estate websites. Moreover, there are thousands of plugins which help you with SEO, marketing and adding useful functions.

Another notable fact is that is quite easy to use. It comes with and easy to use editor and management of the whole website which is quite easy to use even for a beginner. Another thing that has to be mentioned is that, it offers many features to interact with the costumers via comments, different types of submission forms etc.

Last, but not least WordPress is optimized for search engines as well, and by using SEO plugins, we can make it even more SEO friendly. If you add quality content to your real estate website, you will have better rankings in search engines easier and this way you can save money on advertising, as well. Here you can find some tips for WordPress SEO.

Overall, using WordPress to build your website for your real estate business is the best way.

About Real Estate WordPress Themes

Furthermore, there are many ready to use WordPress real estate themes which come with all the necessary functions you will need to run your website effectively. These are usually premium themes, which you should pay for, but they are not expensive at all. If you hired somebody to develop your website, you would need to pay much more.

Here are the best real estate themes we suggest

There are rather lot of developers who offer real estate WordPress themes with different layouts, functions etc. Here are some things you will need to check out before purchasing one.

  • The theme must support blogging section. This is the place where you can share your knowledge, add informative articles to help customer. This section is not only beneficial for building trust, but also for better search engine optimization.
  • SEO – If it is possible pick a real estate WordPress theme which allows easy to use setting for optimization. Though, by using SEO plugins you can add this function to the theme if it does not contain. Avoid using themes which seem to be out of date, not compatible with all browsers and look strange.
  • Property Templates – This is one of the most feature features you should check out in order to work easily with your website. The theme you want to buy should contain specific templates, which let you add property info, photos, videos and other information which are needed for a trustworthy real estate site. If the theme does not come with options like these, I do not recommend you to buy, since it will be hard to use. Always check out what sort of options are available within the real estate theme.
  • Special Widgets – This is not necessary, but if the theme comes with unique widgets, which make the site even more functional and informative for the users, it is a positive factor. For example, some developers offer unique widgets for advanced search.
  • Listings and Homepage – When you test the theme property theme you want to buy, always check out the listing pages and the homepage, if they are easy to navigate, display info what your customers need and attractive.

Overall, if you want to build your real estate site you should consider using WordPress as it is an easy to use solution to market your real estate business on the internet.

Real Estate Theme from Templatic

Example theme with useful functions


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