Best WordPress Youtube Plugins Ever

Video sites are undoubtedly extremely popular nowadays, and they can be easily built by using WordPress. Beside the complete video themes you can use, there are some powerful WordPress youtube plugins which automatically posts videos based on keywords, RSS etc. By using a plugin like that, you can easily set up autopilot niche video sites that can be monetized in many ways.

The other way you can build video blogs is to post them manually which is certainly the best way as you can pick the most relevant videos, and you can add your own ideas to the posts. Fortunately, there are some powerful Youtube video plugins which allow you to embed videos with extra features and offer customization features.

Below you can find the best WordPress video plugins which can be used for both type of site building.

Smart Youtube

This plugin lets you add videos and playlists anywhere in your site. You can even insert videos to comments, RSS feeds etc. It supports the main video sharing site like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook etc. Moreover, it is compatible with mobile devices and supports auto thumbnail generation.


Advanced YouTube Embed Plugin

If you want to improve the embed videos, this is the plugin you need. It supports additional playback options, add user generated content if you want and you can add social sharing functions, as well. What makes it exceptionally powerful is the that you can add annotations.

Best Youtube Plugin to Customize the Player

Automatic Youtube Video Posts Plugin

This is a simple automated video poster plugin which imports videos from the given channels or playlists. It is a good way to build auto video blogs, but it does not supports keywords.


  • Publish posts automatically or save them as drafts.
  • Add videos easily to existing posts.
  • Import large number of videos easily.
  • Setting to customize the videos.
  • Categorize your video posts.
Automated Video Plugin


Youtube Channel Gallery

Show a YouTube video and a gallery of thumbnails for a youtube channel. This tool is using the API of Youtube and this way instead of using the Flash player, it comes with HTML5 player. This is tremendously useful as it can be modified in many ways, plus it is more compatible with all the of the mobile devices. It comes with a widget and by using short codes videos can be inserted anywhere within the blog.

Youtube Channel Gallery

Create Nice Looking Video Galleries

Youtube Feeder

This Youtube WordPress plugin allows you to embed a live Youtube feed anywhere. The feed is always up to date because it pulls directly from Youtube’s data api. Great tool to display videos from one feed.

Youtube Feeder Plugin

Demo of the “playlist” style

Auto TubePress

This is a high quality automated Youtube plugin, which generates posts based on given keywords. It makes high quality optimized video posts with comments if you want. It supports exact keywords, this way you will far more relevant videos. You can also set how often it posts. If you want to build autopilot video sites, this the plugin you need.

Automated- Youtube Video Poster Plugin

Many Options for Settings

Traffic Player

This is video plugin allows you to customize the player in many ways. It also comes with features and which are useful internet marketing and SEO.


  • You can choose from more than 20 skins.
  • It can be used with self-hosted videos.
  • Compatible with all sorts of mobile devices.
  • Social sharing buttons can be included within the player.
  • It supports Google Video sitemap.
  • URL Redirect after video ends option.
  • All main video sites are supported.
  • Amazons3 Direct Linking.


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