Best Free WordPress Chat Plugins

Depending on the content of your blog adding a chat can be a powerful way to have more returning visitors, to have them stay longer and to let them to communicate with you and each other. Fortunately, there are many great ways to add a live chat box with different options, you can find simpler and more featured-rich WordPress chat plugins.

Here, I have collected the best 3 free chat room plugins that can be freely downloaded from the official WordPress site, they are usually updated and offers the most options for customizations. Moreover, they come with solutions to protect chat box from spam, for example, with captcha.

Free WordPress Chat Plugins

Quick Chat

This WP plugin for adding a self-hosted chat box is unquestionably one of the most popular one among the chat plugins and comes with the most features. It supports private chat, message translation, avatars words filtering as well as smilies, but these are just some of the features it offers. It can be added anywhere on your blog, and it is extremely customizable. This is the winner for me.


Wordpress chat plugin

FCChat Widget

This is another perfect solution to add a chat box widget to your site, though it not self-hosted. It offers chat, video conferencing and instant messaging.


  • Real time text chat.
  • Video Chat: 1 on 1 video chat and video conferencing (6 Simulaneous Cams).
  • Pop-out Mode: Launch Chat into a separate window.
  • Public rooms/Private Rooms.
  • Instant messaging/Private Chat.
  • Facebook Connect.
  • Upload images.
  • User profiles.
  • Country Flags.
  • Collaborative whiteboard.
  • Coloaborative document.
  • Two player games.
  • Assign titles to users.
  • Customizable smileys/avatars.
  • Customizable sounds.
  • Customizable language and style templates.
  • Administration/moderation panel.



FCChat WP Plugin


OPEN TOk Video Chat

This is a powerful WordPress video chat plugin which works on the free API of OpenTok. By using it, you can add live, group video conversations to your website to have face to face conversation with your readers. On top of that, it is remarkably easy to use. I think it is a genuinely powerful solution to communicate with you visitors.

Features that it offers

  • Live presence indicator notifying you of the number of individuals currently on your site
  • Quick “start a chat” button accessible only to you as the admin
  • Ability to chat with 10 participants simultaneously while hundreds can watch
  • Full control over who stays and who must leave
  • Simple installation means your plugin is up and running in seconds


Wordpress video chat plugin

Premium Chat for WordPress


Do you know another WordPress chat plugin or other solutions like these that should be mentioned here? Please, share with us.

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  1. Tech Blog says:

    Good article, i have a question that in “FCChat Widget” will rooms and all chat stuff will be shown from that parent server mean i am hosting there rooms on my blog?

  2. i am using Quick Chat but its not working good very slow

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