How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress

There are many reasons why adding Facebook comments to your WordPress blog is good the most beneficial is that you can drastically decrease the amount of spam as the those who want to add comments should use their identity and this surely keep them away adding useless, spammy comments.

On the other hand, you may have more comments as most of the surfers are logged into Facebook, and they are “comment addict”.

Fortunately, adding this function to WP is extremely easy. You simply need a Facebook comments WordPress plugin. There are many free ones, and I suggest you to use Facebook Comments as it is quite easy to set up and use. Plus it has a particularly useful feature that it stores all the relevant moderation settings.

How to Install Facebook Comments Plugin

  1. As usuall install it like any other plugins.
  2. Create an app within facebook. You can add any name you want for it.
  3. Connect it all to the commenting system. Choose your App and click Edit Settings. Click on the Web Site tab on the left. Ensure you enter the Site URL
    (e.g. and Site domain (e.g. and hit Save Changes
  4. You can add it manually wherever you want by using short codes
  5. That is all


Another Alternative to Add Facebook Comments

If you need another solution which is even better for optimization for search engines, there is another solution called SEO Facebook Comment. The difference is that between the previous one and this is that it inserts the comments into the WP database (so it does not use iframe) and at the same time you can use the default comment function, as well.

You can download and get more info here

Here is a screenshot

Wordpress facebook comments plugin screenshot

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One thought on “How to Add Facebook Comments to WordPress

  1. Dubbee says:

    Many WordPress sites start to use Facebook comments instead of the built-in one. I think, it is far better.

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